Drum Repair Services

Trust Chicago Drum to make the repairs quickly and affordably

When bad things happen to your drums, you need to find someone you can trust to make the repairs quickly and at a price that won’t break the bank. The talented people at Chicago Drum & Restoration have been building drums since the Slingerland® days in the 1950s and do the job right the first time. If you want your kit repaired or updated in a professional way that will last, give us a call.

Drum Repair Services

Since Chicago Drum & Restoration designs and manufactures all our own drums, we have the tools and expertise to make repairs to just about any kit made. We can help you get your drums fixed and ready for your next show quickly and economically. Give us a call for estimates or questions about your kit.

Bearing Edges:

The bearing edge is the part of the drum shell that contacts the drumhead. Chicago Drum & Restoration offers a variety of Bearing Edge options that will cater to the sound you desire.

Standard 45 Degree Bearing Edge:
This will create slightly higher projection and attack in the sound of the drum.

Double 45 Degree Bearing Edge:
The Double 45 Degree edge will create even more projection and attack than the Standard 45 Degree Edge.

30 or 45 Degree with Roundover Bearing Edge:
This kind of edge will create a warmer sound with less attack.

Bearing Edge Cutting & Finishing Prices (Per Edge)
6″ to 13″ : $20.00         14″ to 15″ : $26.00
16″ to 18″ : $32.00       20″ to 22″ : $55.00
24″ : $65.00                  26″ : $75.00
28″ : $85.00

Bearing Edges - drum repair - Chicago Drum

Drum Shell Wrapping & Re-wrapping:

Looking for a new finish to make your kit new again? Chicago Drum offers a wide selection of wraps in sparkles, glitters, oysters, pearls and glosses.

Oyster/Onyx and Sparkles styles and colors

Gloss White, Gloss Black, Chrome and other wraps are also available. Veneers and stain color choices are limitless and we’re happy to discuss your options. That said, the one finish we do not do is lacquer. Reach out to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll assist you any way we can.

Click here to download a Drum Wrap Pricing Chart

The drum wraps and finishes shown are available for new drums and in-house refinishing. We do not offer wrap for purchase.

Hole Drilling and Hole Repair:

Chicago Drum & Restoration can drill new holes or repair existing damaged ones in your drum shells. If you are looking to have holes plugged or need new holes drilled, we do it right.

Hole Drilling
$2.00 per hole

Hole Repair
Up to 1″ holes = $10.00 per hole
Over 1″ hole = $20.00 per hole

Hole Drilling and Hole Repair - Chicago Drum
Drum Shell Cutting - Chicago Drum

Drum Shell Cutting:

We can cut your existing drum shells to your desired depth to help you create the unique sounds you are looking for. Take an old drum and give it new life as a smaller drum or just get your bearing edges cleaned up!

Shell cutting
$15.00 (6″ to 16″ shell)
$25.00 (18″ to 24″ shell)

Hardware removal/replacement, bearing edges and re-installation of re-rings are an additional cost.

Thread Repair:

If the threads on your Slingerland® #590 shell casing and #727 spur casing are stripped, we can restore them to working condition.

  • Thread Repair : $18.00 per
Thread Repair - Chicago Drum
“Customer service was top notch.  Every question I had was answered promptly.  I had a custom jazz set built.  I’ve been playing drums for thirty years, and this is by far, the best sounding set I have ever owned.  Chicago Drum also took a vintage Slingerland pedal, and restored it to mint condition.  If you’re looking for a unique sound, or need something restored, do yourself a favor and talk to these guys!”
—Chris K.
[And a P.S.] Just thought I’d drop you a line to say that my instructor (who is a prof at Berklee and teaches at Drummers Collective in NYC) said the craftsmanship was “second to none”!