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We offer a vast array of drum sets, snare drums, unique finishes, accessories & more.

Award-Winning Snare Drums

Our custom-built snare drums come in a variety of finishes and sizes, from piccolos to marching drums and everything in-between. Our snare drums are designed to create the ultimate sound that complements your set. Just like the drummers before you, you will quickly discover that your Chicago Drum snare drum becomes your “go-to” snare.

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Drum Shows
Blue Marine Pearl Set - 13/16/18/24

Drum Sets

Hand-crafted and solidly built, with a vintage sound but better than vintage craftsmanship. You will love the tone!

Canister Thrones

Our classy canister thrones will have you sitting, and swiveling, in style!

Canister Throne - Antique White Pearl - Chicago Drum
Drum Finishes - Chicago Drum

Drum Wraps & Finishes

Chicago Drum offers many finish choices from traditional sparkles, pearls, oysters, and glitters, to fractals and custom and unique Pretty Things, to your choice of an array of wood veneers from Alder to Zebrawood and everything in between.

Pretty Things Drum Finishes

A stunning and unique finish. No two will ever be the same.

Snare Drum - Pretty Things in Green - Chicago Drum
Grommets - 3 and 5 ply

Drum Hardware

If you are looking for correct NOS or reproduction parts for your classic Slingerland® drums, we have many of the pieces that can complete your drum.

“It takes a skilled craftsman to make a drum feel and sound superior. Jim Moritz and Chicago Drum are the combination that bring a serious chemistry between the instrument and the player. From the moment I play ANY Chicago Drum instrument, it’s everything I want to feel from a drum. The handmade shells with the extra round bearing edges and deep cut snare beds bring a warmth and a connection you won’t find from anything sitting on the shelf at any music store. These drums have life, and they bring out the best in my playing. The icing on the cake is Jim and Cathy Moritz being two absolutely wonderful people. The entire experience of first sampling a drum, to getting a full drum kit myself, was about as pleasant as it gets. As a player who demands superior quality craftsmanship and a musical chemistry to anything I play. Chicago Drum not only meets, but exceeds those expectations. Do yourself a giant favor and sample Chicago Drums. You owe it to yourself to experience the ultimate in drum craftsmanship.”
—Derek Bernal