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Your drum is personal to you, and we understand that, so we don’t try to limit your choices. Chicago Drum provides you with the best sound available on the market; the testimonials we get from our customers and sound engineers can attest to that. Now the only remaining decision is what you want your drums to look like.

Chicago Drum offers many finish choices from traditional sparkles, pearls, oysters, and glitters, to fractals and custom and unique Pretty Things, to your choice of an array of wood veneers from Alder to Zebrawood and everything in-between.

You choose the look you want. If the natural beauty of wood or veneers is the direction you want to go, you can choose to leave them natural, or they can be stained to achieve your desired color. Sometimes it’s the simplicity of a gorgeous wood inlay in your natural wood drums. The vision is yours and the possibilities are endless.

Drum Finishes and Wraps - Chicago Drum

Gloss White, Gloss Black, Chrome and other wraps are also available. Veneers and stain color choices are limitless and we’re happy to discuss your options. That said, the one finish we do not do is lacquer. Reach out to us to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll assist you any way we can.

If you’re trying to match a new drum or canister throne to your existing set, we can help with that, too.

The drum wraps and finishes shown are available for new drums and in-house refinishing. We do not offer wrap for purchase.

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“I have been playing drums for fifty years. I have attended the Chicago Drum Show for many years. I met Jim 10 years ago and I always made it a point to stop and visit. I had a Slingerland set for 45 years; seeing Jim’s line of drums and the experience he had at Slingerland working with his dad, there was no question that I would get my next set from him. Last year we designed a set in the 70s color Mod Orange.  They are gorgeous; the craftsmanship, quality and sound are unsurpassed. I can now say I truly play the best. Thanks to Jim and Cathy.”
—Roy Albrecht