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Drum Hardware Classic Sounds Using Classic Materials

Whether you are looking for correct parts for your classic Slingerland® drums or you need something special to improve your hardware situation, we have the pieces that can complete your kit.


We are proud to be able to supply original and replacement parts for Slingerland® drum kits. Take a look below at the various parts that you can use to get your drums back in shape. Call us if you can't find what you need and we will try to help.

5-ply slingerland grommets5-Ply Slingerland® Reproduction Grommets:

This is a "correct" style replacement for 5-ply Slingerland® drums designed to match that original look. Whether you are refurbishing or starting from scratch these grommets will not disappoint.

$5.00 each plus shipping and handling.

3-ply slingerland grommets3-Ply Slingerland® Reproduction Grommets:

Just like the 5-ply grommets, these pieces work well in the Slingerland® tom and bass drums. These are the right grommets to get your kit back into original shape. Easy to replace.

$5.00 each plus shipping and handling.

Red white and blue sparkle drumsOriginal Slingerland Serial Number Tags:

These serial tags are original, unused black/silver Slingerland® stock from the Niles, Illinois 70's era plant. Yep, they're real.

Limited quantities are available.

Contact us for details.

Red white and blue sparkle drumsSlingerland® Reproduction Leather Straps for Bass Drum or Hi-Hat Pedals:

This is a reproduction strap for Slingerland® Direct Pull High Hat (Part #804) and Tempo-King Pedal (Part #938). Includes all holes in original placement including the Bass Drum Pedal Hole and Hi-Hat Hole.

$7.00 each plus shipping and handling.