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Snare Drums Classic Sounds Using Classic Materials

Our custom-built snare drums come in a variety of materials and sizes, all designed to create the ultimate sound that complements your kit. Test-drive one of these amazing drums and see what you are missing!


All drummers know that their snare drum defines their sound. Whether it's for rock, blues, jazz, marching, funk or whatever, you want your snare to be unique.

Chicago Drum has been building award-winning snare drums that are favored by some of the best players today. Available in a wide range of sizes and types, these drums are custom-built with grade-A materials to create the best sound possible. They are tight, articulate and powerful, yet each one retains its owns character.

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Black oyster snare drum

Check out this new Black Oyster Snare. It's 5.5-inches x 14" and is built from maple and poplar. Just beautiful and it sounds incredible!

Mahogany/Poplar (Chicago Heritage) Fractal with Tung Oil

Our newest snare, a 5-1/2" x 14" Mahogany/Poplar (Chicago Heritage) Fractal with Tung Oil!