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News About Chicago Drum Classic Sounds Using Classic Materials

We are always up to something at Chicago Drum. Check the latest news and information about the innovations and cool products that we are coming up with.


Retro Slingerland style drum throneIntroducing the new Pretty Things finishes!

Check out our latest drum finishes that were developed with the help of legendary Chicago area drummer Ken Harck.

The new Pretty Things swirl finish is a work of art, with each drum being a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! These drums are unique in every way and the colors are just amazing.

Retro Slingerland style drum throneThe coolest throne ever!

Here's a throw back to yesterday. A vintage-style canister throne just like the old days but with a twist. The 13-inch diameter, 4-inch high foam top swivels at the top of the 17-inch high storage area where your favorite sticks can be tucked away at the end of your gig.

Finishing touches includes non-skid pads, a trio of latches and a carrying handle. A variety of finishes are available. Custom heights available.

Chicago Wins at the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics!

Steam-bent solid wood maple snare drumWe are pleased to announce that Chicago Drum took top honors (twice!) at the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics sponsored by Not So Modern Drummer. Check out the details here and watch a few of the videos that show how the judging was done.

Chicago Drum won the Plywood Shell Category with this Plywood Maple/Poplar 14" x 4" drum with a white pearl finish. And they took first place in the Single Ply Solid Wood Category with a Steam-Bent Maple 14" x 5.5" drum with a tung oil finish.

Black gloss 12-lug snare drumCustom-Built Snare Drum

We built a customized 12-lug Maple/Poplar snare with internal muffler. Made in the tradition of the Bellson-Spitfire, it was a special order for a customer who waited 34 years to realize his dream.

This is a real beauty and sounds unbelieveable. Can we build one for you?

Special 4-Piece Bop Kit
bop drum kit
We built this kit as a demo because so many people were asking us to build a small bop kit. This 4-piece has a rich, warm sound from the mahogany shells. This is a set that jazz drummers will love!

Its mahogany finish gives it a retro look with clean, simple lines.